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Beating the Winter Blues

How to beat the Winter Blues!

Winter getting you down? Even with spring on the way keeping a smile up can be hard. Try some of these ideas to get you moving again. (Click here for more)


What is a Panda Bear?

The panda bear is a mammal that is the same size as a black bear.

What Colours are they?

The Pandas most basic colours are white with black eye patches, ears, legs, chest, feet and shoulders

The Panda Bears Habitat

Panda bears are located in 6 small areas in China. The habitat is suitable for growing bamboo and is usually cold, damp forest on a mountainside.

What does the Panda Eat?

Panda Bears eat Bamboo, leaves bugs and sometimes mice! Yuk!

How they look after their young 

Female Panda Bears nurse their young with their special milk.  

Baby cubs are born pink, grow white hair and then in a month they will be black and white like newspaper.  

They stop nursing when they are about 9 months old.

They are endangered because…

 People have been ripping down their habitat and bamboo to make way for farming. There are only about 1,000 panda left in the wild.

A zoo in China is helping by breeding lots of baby panda cubs.

Other interesting information.

Images by: Stolz, Gary M - USFWS (Thank you!)


Other websites that may assist with Panda Information are:

Want to draw a panda? Billybear4kids has a great learn to draw sheet


Check out the Panda Cam at Smithsonian National Zoological Park.

Meet the Red Panda at National Geographic!

This page is result of Sam's homework task from term 3, 2008 based on a "China" theme.

It covers the basic information on the Panda Bear and is written in her own words.

The staff at justbeforedinner.co.nz are impressed and are proud to have your fact sheet on our site, Sam! Thank you!

Has your child done an study, assignment or artwork that you would like us to add to justbeforedinner.co.nz?

Email us with the information! Click here...