"The Value of Believing in Yourself " Book Review

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The Valve of Believing in Yourself

Author: Spencer Johnson, M.D.

Genre:   Children

Publisher: Value Communications, INC.

Rating:  5/5 


This book is about Louis Pasteur believing in himself. He didn't pay attention to people making fun of him.

He saved a boys life which made him feel very happy. The boy was called Joe.

I liked it very much and I think you should read it. It's very good for children to learn to believe in themselves.

I loved the drawing and my favourite illustration was when they were all dancing around!

Reviewer: Sam (Age 8) 22.10.08

Editors note: Although this is an old book that we understand was part of a collection, the children really seem to relate to it. You may be able to source a copy from Trade me.


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