Picture of Marley and Me book cover

Marley & Me

Life and love with the world's worst dog

Author: John Grogan

Genre:   Non fiction/Memoir

Publisher: Hachette Australia

Rating:   At least two paws up!

With the huge Hollywood buzz about “Marley and Me” I thought (as I often like to) that I would read the book before indulging in a Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson "Chick Flick".

Un-nerved by the premature death of their house plants, John and Jenny Grogan have concerns about becoming parents. They decide they should experiment with a puppy first.

Blinded by fairytale memories of childhood dogs they choice a Labrador pup whom they name " Marley".  By the time he has been expelled from the obedience school they begin to realise that Marley may not be your average pooch.

Marley drinks from the taps, redecorates several houses, features in a movie and creates endlessly entertaining havoc! This is a serious collection of unfortunate and usually extremely funny incidents that many of us pet owners will be able to relate to.

As an added bonus, not only do you get to watch Marley grow (and hardly mature at all) but also watch this young couple bloom into a older married couple, have 3 children, change jobs, move several times and deal with the madness that go along with it. Chasing the children’s frogs around an airport was just a hilarious image.

Marley and Me is pure indulgent coffee and chocolate biscuit read suitable for anyone who owns, has owned or plans to own a dog.

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