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punished by vanessa steel

"Hurting me was the only thing that could make her feel better."









"Punished" written by Vanessa Steel

Vanessa Steel, Medium, psychic and author of this book "Punished", reveals the horror of growing up with a mother that doesn't want her and makes her feelings clear.

What Vanessa experiences in her childhood can only be described as cruel and unthinkable. I think one of the most amazing concepts is the amount of people that knew about the abuse and stood by. This includes her father who lives with them on a weekend basis.

However, as is often the case, Vanessa developed an ability that grows with the abuse. An inner eye and the ability to communicate with the dead is the gift that she quickly learns to keep quiet about.

This family has secrets and not even a grown Vanessa uncovers them all but as she puts the pieces together you will be amazed.


This is a frank and honest story from Vanessa Steel and it is worth a read if you want to know more about the woman behind the medium or be inspired by a child that stood strong against a sadistic mother.

Links of interest:

Amazon uk has a several other reviews for you to read.

Check out Vanessa Steel the author and the medium on her own site.

Borders uk gives another review of the book "Punished"


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