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"A Child Called 'It' " Book Review

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A Child Called 'It'

One Child's Courage to Survive

Author: Dave Pelzer

Genre:   Non fiction/Memoir

Publisher: Orion Books Ltd

Rating:   4/5

This is the first of three of Dave Pelzer's haunting memoirs. 

It is one of those books you wish you had never read but you can't put it down. Dave had a horrifying childhood at the hands of his sadistic, alcoholic mother.

I think the reason Dave's story is so disturbing is that while he was tortured there were several other children and a father that carried on, what may almost be, a normal life. 

Written by Dave we get an insight into the thoughts and feeling of his younger self as he struggled to survive a life where he was striped of all dignity and even of his name. He had become a child called 'it'.

I give Dave Pelzer full credit on publishing this book as it reminds us that abuse is not to do with race, class or location. It can happen in any neighbourhood and it doesn't take a hero to change a child's life. 

Definitely worth a read! 


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